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Popular CTV presenter Geoff Morten and Gavin Topp of Harveys Topp Realtors are pictured celebrating the first showing of the new CTV Programme called “Topp in Property? that is being featured 3 times a week and is presenting a selection of Canterbury homes across all suburbs and price ranges. Geoff said, “We are encouraging home sellers to avail themselves of the opportunity that this programme presents for them to showcase their home in detail to a fast growing audience.

Gavin stated that only 6-7 homes can be shown on any one programme. Home owners would be wise to discuss with Topps as soon as they know their property will be going on the market and how best their property could be presented on the show.

Gavin went on to say that Topps would be giving a time during the program for Geoff to conduct an interview  with a guest from the Community.

Gavin further said, “we conducted a program similar a few years ago and having community guests to speak was a real point of interest. Many people responded to the various helpful offers made by the guest. We hope that we might be able to generate the same interest and support for both our community guests in their work or profession as well as the public”.

FOR FURTH DETAILS on this new programme “Topp in Property” can be obtaineded by ringing Geoff Morten on 377 7033 or Gavin Tapp on 359 5595.

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