Topp Realtors Awards

Gavin says: “We are really excited to receive these awards as the competition for #1 Realtor Marketing came from almost 100 companies who are members of the group that produce the Realtor magazine”.

Last years award for best script writer was given by an independent advertising agency. This agency said that the winning ad was a “clever use of words that attracted you and demanded action”.

Gavin went on to say: “Spending time in writing script that best describes the property features and the benefits of these features is a prerequisite for any agency and sales consultant”.

It means that a much better result can be delivered to both the seller and the agency normally earlier than later.

Most sellers are investing in marketing and deserve to have a well written advertisement, that attracts multiple buyers and finishes up as an outstanding result for the seller.

Well written impact ads, supported by quality marketing materials and prominent coordinated window displays will really be important in 2012 as established homes will have to compete with new homes coming onto the market.

The Captains Award was given to only 7 consultants out of 510 in the Harveys / Hooker Group. A high level of performance is required to achieve the Captains Table status. Gavin said that the support of his clients, the team and his professional advisors contributed greatly to him receiving this award.

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