Property Management Advice

Welcome to the company, and its people, who have been managing and selling properties in Christchurch since 1969 – a team of people who have an enviable record of maintaining integrity, honesty and transparency and enjoying high productivity in a demanding industry.

Whilst we don’t have a team dedicated to property management, we have established a team of people who can give you advice on any management/sales proposals you are considering. We can put you in touch with property management companies that have impressed us with their customer care and client care programmes. Talk to us before you commit to any one organisation

With proven monitoring and reporting systems second to none and a firm grasp of legislation and market conditions.



Lisa Topp - Topp Realtors Christchurch

Lisa Topp – Reception & Admin



On the first call or visit to the office, you will be greeted by Lisa. Her friendly disposition and willingness to help will be a great start to your experience with Topps.

Lisa often acts as a conduit between Property Owners & Sales people, keeping communications flowing smoothly. Lisa is able to assist in most matters in the absence of Property Managers and Administration and when she can’t, she will ensure that your queries will be relayed to the appropriate people as soon as possible.