Christchurch House Price Update

Christchurch House Prices

Christchurch House Price Update- April 2013

Cantabrians… Think Again

“Who said Christchurch would never recover”

Well, well, well…

“House prices are rising. The average price is over the 2007 (boom year) price.”

“Northwood for one months’ sales average higher than Fendalton.”

“60 odd sections sold in 28 days in Rolleston.”

“Topp Realtors Bishopdale received 9 offers for one property and 11 offers on another all within 24 hours.”

Government  Values or Capital Value have become totally unreliable for price guidelines as has historical data older than 3 months.

Replacement cost less depreciation is now a more reliable means of pricing a home as the base price of replacement is closer to the actual building price plus special items.

Interest rates maintained at a 10 year low, and banks start to lend up to 90% to 95% again.

The suburban streets are struggling to cope with all the additional vehicles both old and new that are now travelling around between early morning and late evening.

100’s of new faces from different nationalities are smiling at you when you visit restaurants, supermarkets, sporting events and public meetings.

Banks and other lending institutions have got money burning holes in their tills and their staff are consistently visiting Real Estate agents looking for referral business and lending opportunities.

Hourly rates for most Tradesmen and associated industry workers are rising, as companies compete for the best tradesmen.

New quality products are coming onto the shelves of building suppliers and people are enjoying a wide range of quality products, even if some materials are in short supply causing a delay in completion of homes. Christchurch City Council and other council costs for building consent and services are increasing. Rumour has it that some councils are 3-4 weeks behind schedule in providing New Home Compliance Certificates.

Who said we will never recover?

Certainly not those who are reinvesting their heart, soul, money, effort and future. Those people who major on their hard luck situation, those who are always looking for hand-outs, they will always be with us. They always have been and they always will be.

So will Insurance companies that are jumping from claim to claim renegotiating their policy trying to reduce commitments and pay-outs

But two things are for sure:

Those who have (1) Hope (a reason to rejoice for the future being better) and (2) Endeavour (energy and effort and the will to achieve) will always see something great arise out of a bed of rubble dust and brokenness.

As this Easter comes and goes: We can recall how for a brief time in their lives the followers of the founder of Christianity experienced a bitter darkening storm and interruption in their lives.

But once their Hope was resurrected and they focused on the Good News of something better being available, personal growth and joy returned and multiplied until their cup overflowed.

“Who said it will take a long, long time”?

Not those who make an effort to make a difference day by day.

The joy of life sometimes is in the rebuilding, giving and helping.

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