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think again

In this column, we intend to bring some comments or views to our readers that may in some way get them to consider things in a different way from the way they were.

Every one is talking about the future of our City especially how the Inner City will be redeveloped and rejuvenated.

I think that it’s fair to say that the Inner City will never be the same. However, that’s not a bad thing. There were some parts of the City that were not as attractive as they used to be, looking neglected, unloved, uncared for and vacant. On the other hand, some buildings were exceptionally appealing and functional. The appeal of these buildings can only be enhance and the aesthetic value appreciating by having attractive functioning neighbors.

think again - christchurchOur City has been blessed by never being ravaged by wars or famine as many overseas cities have, but our City is probably facing the biggest challenge of unity, commitment and solidarity ever experienced by any city in New Zealand. Frequent overseas trips to Europe, USA, Canada & Asia has given me first hand witness of how people and cities recovered and rebuilt even surpassing their own goals and aspirations often achieving outstanding results.

As a people of creativity with outstanding abilities, we too can create a new City. A City that will not only be a testimony to our commitment to provide for the future generations but one that will give us all an enormous amount of satisfaction as we move in and around within its boundaries.

This City has been developed over 6 generations and this new generation of Canterbarians will bring its flavor , talents and abilities.

The last 2 years have been a period during which dreams have been shattered, lives have been lost, promises have been broken, tempers have been frayed and relationships tested.

The next few years will provide time for new visions and goals to be fulfilled, dreams to be realized along with the healing of strained relationships. New families will come here and new relationships will be formed.

The real future is for those who chose to “think again” and see the opportunities that a crisis can bring for personal growth and achievement. Perhaps even a fresh look at things of eternal value. Who knows, maybe the Spirit of God will move amongst Canterbarians once again. After all that’s what our forebearers hoped for and enjoyed.

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